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Thank you for visiting this special page, set up to provide you with information about how we are dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak at Sladefield. On this page you will find useful information and links to websites or other forms of communication (leaflets, posters),  giving information on how to keep yourself safe at this time, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest information both about COVID-19, the school, and how COVID-19 is affecting the school.

Please find a copy of the risk assessment we have produced for the health and safety of all our community, updated on 17th of  November 2021  Please click here to take a look. 

School Opening

From Thursday 3rd September, the school will re-open for all children.  The only children who should not attend are those who have been told to continue to not be at school due to medical conditions – the school will require evidence that a medical professional has seen that it is in the child’s best interests not to return to school.

The opening of the school to all children is only possible due to the hard work and tireless preparation carried out by the staff of the school to ensure that all health, safety and hygiene guidance, as well as those linked to social distancing, are adhered to.

To minimise the number of people in and around the school playground at the start and the end of the school day, we will be operating staggered start times and end times.  We will also be indicating which entrance to the school we would like each parent/carer to use.  We will be using two entrances – either along the car park, entering from Bamville Road, OR along the walkway from Sladefield Road.

The gates to both entrances will be closed until just before the start time; parents/carers should queue up at their allocated entrance, standing on one of the red dots which will be at least 1 metre apart.  Once the gates have been opened, you will be expected to walk to your child’s entry/exit door, drop them off or pick them up, and then exit using the large gate on Bamville Road.

To enable the smooth running of the start and end of the school day, we urge you to ensure that you are ON TIME for your time slot – this is being put into place to enable social distancing and minimise large groups of people.  We also ask that you limit the number of people dropping off and picking up your child to 1 parent/carer or trusted adult.

What to wear and bring to school

We will expect to see all children in full uniform for most of the week.  All outdoor clothes items (coats, hats, scarfs, gloves) will be kept on your child’s chair, as we will not be using coat pegs during the Autumn Term.  As such, please ensure that clothes items are clearly labelled.

However, to stop children from having to get changed for PE, we request that your child comes dressed in a suitable PE outfit on the days that they have PE.  As the weather is getting colder, and it is advised that the children spend as much time as possible outdoors, we ask that the PE kit that your child dresses in includes jogging bottoms or leggings, and that they have a suitable jumper or hoodie to wear over their PE red t-shirt.

We will still be sending books home, so it is important that your child still brings their book bag.  We will also be distributing paper copies of homework to those who request it, so again, having a book bag is really useful.  We politely request that your child does not bring anything else into school with them; we want to avoid opportunities for children to touch items that do not belong to them.

The Government have clearly stated that face masks should not be worn by pupils or staff in the school building.  As such, if you do want your child to wear a mask on their journey to school, then parents/carers will need to take their child’s mask home with them and return with it when they pick their child up at the end of the school day.


For the majority of the time, the children will be kept in class ‘bubbles’.  This means that the children will remain in their class group across the day and not really mix with other children in the school.

Occasionally, we will create Year Group ‘bubbles’ – this is allowed in the Government guidelines.  We will only use Year Group ‘bubbles’ during breaktimes and lunchtimes.

As we can’t have large groups of children together in one space, we will not be holding any physical assemblies.  However, we will be holding a weekly remote ‘Celebration Assembly’ on Zoom which each class will access.  This will be similar to the ‘Celebration Assembly’ we had been holding on Fridays with certificates and prizes handed out to children in each class.  Once we have set these up, we will be inviting parents/carers of those children being rewarded to join the Zoom call so that they too can see their child receive their reward.  You will be told about how to join a Zoom meeting during the week before the assembly via text message.

What will happen if your child is not attending school?

Based on Government guidelines, there is no reason for any child not to return in September – unless a medical professional indicates that a child should remain at home.

We really do understand that parents/carers, and children, might be anxious about returning to school, but we can assure you that we have put all reasonable measures into place to ensure that the school is fully able to cater for everyone to return. 


We know that our parents/carers have done a really good job of trying to maintain home-school learning, but we believe that the expert teaching that your child will receive when they return will mean that they will be receiving the best learning opportunities possible.  Our teaching staff are ready and prepared to welcome the children back, and have thought very carefully about how to settle the children back into school with as little anxiety as possible.


In line with Government guidance, we will be monitoring attendance very carefully.  We have recently appointed an Attendance Officer who will be liaising with parents/carers about their child’s absence.  The guidance indicates that continued absences may leading to a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

Support if you have been affected by COVID-19

During the lockdown, families may well be affected in different ways, including with regards bereavement, and mental health and wellbeing.

If you have been affected in any way and would like to have support from school, please call us.  Miss Spears is making regular contact with families, and can offer advice and guidance to support you.  Staff at the school have also been trained with how to support in these areas, so you might be signposted to a specific staff member who can offer you further support.

What to do if anyone in of your household, have symptoms of COVID-19

The key symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • a persistent cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of taste and/or smell

Everyone in the school community has a responsibility to listen to and follow the guidance provided so that the NHS is not overwhelmed with unnecessary contact.  You should not be going to the doctor's surgery or hospital outpatients department.  You should be making use of the NHS 111 helpline but only if your symptoms become unmanageable at home.  Most people who contract the virus will experience either no, or very mild, symptoms and will recover in less than a week. 

However, as you will know, tests to see if you have or have not got the virus are now readily available.  If you have symptoms, PLEASE DO ASK FOR A TEST IMMEDIATELY.  To do this, please click here.


If your child, or anyone in their household has symptoms, it is ESSENTIAL that you let the school know immediately, and also arrange for a test immediately.  The school need to know the outcome of the test to decide whether the person affected has received a positive or negative result, as this will be information that we will have to share with the Health Protection Team who will inform us about what our next steps need to be; this may include closing down class or Year Group ‘bubbles’.


Take care, everyone.  Please check our website regularly for updates and more information as it breaks.




Here are some useful websites you can visit to give you support for your well-being during the outbreak.