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Why is good attendance important?

Being at school every day is important to a child’s education. They benefit from well-planned sequences of lessons designed to ensure that they make the best possible progress.  If they are frequently absent, this learning is disrupted and makes it difficult to keep up.  Having good attendance also teaches children a vital life skill for when they move into further education and the world of work.

Everyone that comes to Sladefield is expected to aim for 97% attendance, including the grown-ups! We understand that everyone gets sick from time to time, but minor coughs, colds or aches and pains should not stop a child from coming to school. 

Only the most serious or contagious illnesses should keep your child away from school, such as vomiting/diarrhoea (for 48 hours) or chicken pox etc. If your child does feel a little bit under the weather, bring them into school and let us know and we will monitor them; if their condition deteriorates, we will call you. We usually find that once they are here, they quickly feel better once they are working and with their friends. 

If your child is really too poorly to come to school, you must let us know first thing in the morning by contacting the school Office (0121 327 0662). If your child’s attendance is below 90%, which is considered as ‘persistent absence’, then you may be asked to provide medical evidence for any absences your child has.

At Sladefield, we like to reward good attendance with a range of attendance incentives and prizes. Children with 97% attendance or higher for a term receive a ‘Golden Ticket’ to a cinema experience at school, and those children who achieve 100% for a whole year are invited to attend a reward trip with our Senior Leadership Team.  On a weekly basis, children who attend every day receive a Sladefield Coin, which can eventually be spent on purchasing treats once a certain number of coins has been gained.  We also offer family incentives across the year as we recognise that it is due to our parents’/carers’ commitment to their child’s education that they bring their child into school daily. 

Where a child’s attendance is causing concern, they will be placed on our ‘Vulnerable Attendance’ list.  Parents/Carers will receive a letter outlining that their child’s attendance is a cause for concern, and that their attendance is being monitored closely.  This may then lead to a Designated Safeguarding Lead making contact with the parent/carer and discussing their concerns about attendance.  In the most severe circumstances, this may lead to the Local Authority ‘Fast-Track’ procedures being followed, which in turn may lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

Absence in term time

Absence in term time for any reason other than genuine illness, religious observance of one day (for example, to celebrate Eid) or to attend the funeral of a close relative will not be authorised under any circumstances.

Extended absence in term time

Extended Absence in term time will not be authorised under any circumstances in line with Local Authority and Government guidance and you may be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice if you take your child out of school, especially if their attendance is below 97%.

If you do decide to take your child your child out of school during term time for any reason against this guidance then you MUST book an appointment with either Mr Meadows, Mrs Connolly or Mrs Sami so that they can ascertain full information about your trip and gather the relevant documentation and details required; this includes providing the school with copies of travel documentation for both outward and return journeys, an address for where you and your child will be staying, and a useable contact number that we will be able to make contact with you on whilst not in school.

If your child is not in school for an extended period of time and you have not informed us, or your child does not return on the date you give the school, then we will make a visit to your home to ascertain the whereabouts of your children. If we can find no trace of you or your child then we will notify the Children Missing in Education (CME) team at Birmingham City Council.  This process is an important part of our Safeguarding Policy and also part of the Government's Prevent Duty.


Please support the school by ensuring that you book trips outside term time. You will be at risk of losing your child's place and jeopardising their education, not to mention being fined, if you do not make every effort to comply with this guidance.


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