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Our Partnership with Parents

It is the class teacher who will get to know your child best of all. Often we find that difficulties can be resolved by a quick conversation and this is why we encourage you to come into school and share any issues with us that we need to know.

You will of course understand that for a longer talk with the teacher you will need to make an appointment. The Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher are always pleased to see you and they are available in the playground in the mornings and by appointment at other times.

Parents’ evenings and an Open Day are held three time in a year where parents will be able to see their children’s work and talk to the teacher. Parents are invited into school to all sorts of occasions and we do hope that you will be able to support us in as many ways as possible.

Celebrations assembly on Fridays at 9.10 am for Years 1 + 2 and Thursdays at 2.45 pm for Reception. Parents are asked to help their children at home and support the school’s homework policy. Parents are asked to sign a home school agreement.

A range of workshops for parents take place throughout the school year and include support for behaviour and reading as well as INSPIRE workshops.

Throughout the year you will receive newsletters and letters informing you about events in school.