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Head Teacher’s

On behalf of the staff and Governors of the school, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Sladefield Infant School. The school’s ‘Motto’ is ‘Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe, Always Do Your Best’, and I strongly feel that this is evident in everything that we do at Sladefield.

Our dedicated, caring staff form a Sladefield ‘family’ which welcomes all into the school community with wide arms. Everyone is treated equally and mutual respect is promoted and expected.

Our greatest drive is for every child to thoroughly enjoy their time at school, flourish in a safe environment, and to want to learn. Because our children are happy, they thrive at Sladefield, and take responsibility to reach their own level of excellence and achieve their potential.




Our school is well-known and respected within the community and offers opportunities not just to the children that attend the school, but also to our children’s families and friends.

We aim to develop strong partnerships so that the children at Sladefield are provided with the best education possible, and that they are fully supported in their development.

I feel confident that this prospectus will show you just how brilliant Sladefield Infant School is, and I am confident that it is the best school for your child to be a part of.

A Message
from The Governors

As the Governing Body of Sladefield Infant School, we are delighted to welcome you to our school.

Sladefield maintains and continually aims to further develop its reputation in the local area, and the city, to be a centre of excellence, providing a rich and exciting curriculum. Our children are safe, happy and achieve, and often exceed, their potential.  They leave school with an enthusiasm for learning and confidence in their own ability. Our pupils’ journey through Sladefield has the promotion of respect, manners and an understanding of others at its forefront; the staff at the school recognise that these qualities will enable the children to become well-rounded individuals as they progress on their personal path.

We are a pro-active Governing Body that meet regularly to provide strategic vision and direction to the school. We are also responsible for overseeing the financial spending of the school and ensure that the school finances remain healthy.  Our team of Governors work closely with the Head Teacher, the staff, parents and children to ensure that the collective vision and values for the school are met and school results continue to be high.



At Sladefield, each and every child is important.  We provide our children with a broad and varied learning curriculum, as well as an engaging environment, ensuring that the pupils receive a first-class learning experience.

Pupils flourish and establish a solid foundation as they take their first steps into the world of education and learning in order for them to become active members of British society.

We are proud of our school and our children. The Governing Body would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our existing parents for their encouragement and support. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you into our school community.

Our Aims

  • To be an integral part of a caring community – a happy, secure place where children want to learn.
  • To give every child the opportunity to develop his/her potential in all areas of education, taking into account their needs and the needs of the school statutory requirements, by offering a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum.
  • To instil respect for moral values, for other people and for themselves, and to encourage tolerance towards other races, religions and ways of life.
  • To help children develop enquiring minds, encouraging them to think for themselves and apply themselves to tasks.
  • To enable our children to be confident in communicating with others; to take pleasure in reading; to be motivated to write; to enjoy mathematical challenges.
  • To encourage and support our children to follow the Sladefield values.
  • To equip learners to be responsible citizens of Birmingham, Britain and the world, and celebrate what it is to be British in today’s society.
  • To instil the best possible behaviour in our pupils so that they can distinguish between right and wrong, and be law-abiding citizens 

Our Values

Achievement of our aims is underpinned by the strong set of values Sladefield has set out and which we expect all of our children, staff and families to demonstrate each and every day at school:

  • enjoyment – doing things you like to do.
  • friendship – being with someone you like – my friend.
  • respect – to treat people in a kind, well-mannered way.
  • equality – everybody is treated the same.
  • caring – to look after someone or something.
  • trust – people can rely on you to do something.
  • community – a group of people who all believe in the same thing.
  • achievement – something I have done successfully.
  • commitment – a job people ask me to do properly.
  • responsibility – being trusted to take care of things.
  • excellence – outstanding work and behaviour.

“Children make an excellent start because staff have high expectations of what the children can do and provide excellent support for those who need extra guidance. Care and welfare arrangements are excellent.”

- Ofsted

Essential Information

What are our school times?


We have a ‘free-flow’ entry into school. Doors are opened at 8.40am until 8.50am for the children to enter when they arrive at school.

Parents should remain with their child until the doors to the classrooms or conservatories are opened. Children remain the responsibility of their parents until they enter the school. If parents/ carers need to drop a child off early or pick them up late then this should be arranged in advance.



We are very proud to be part of Sladefield Infant School and all of the children wear uniform to clearly show that they belong to the school. Our school uniform consists of the following:

  • White shirt / blouse / polo shirt
  • Black or grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore/salwar kameez
  • Red sweatshirt / jumper / cardigan
  • Red & white Summer dress
  • Black shoes or smart black trainers


Labelling of uniform

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name as the school cannot accept responsibility for any articles lost or damaged on school premises.

PE Kit

Your child’s class teacher will inform your child when they will need to bring their PE kit in. Although PE lessons are usually at the same time each week, occasionally times change.

A PE bag should contain the following items:

  • Red t-shirt
  • Black shorts or tight leggings or jogging bottoms
  • Pumps

Children should at all times be cleanly and sensibly dressed, especially in terms of shoes. Fashion shoes, slip-on shoes, open-toed sandals, high heels or shoes with slippery soles are not acceptable. Please make sure that your child can manage taking off and putting on their own clothes as children are expected to dress and undress themselves.

We expect children to wear or bring a coat to school every day as weather conditions can change during the school day and we can never predict if a coat might be needed.

Where to purchase items of uniform

We have a stock of uniform items and PE t-shirts at the School Office that you can purchase. Please see the additional prospectus information on the school website for details of prices.

Attendance & Punctuality

At Sladefield, our aim is that all children will attend school every day, unless they are ill, attending an unavoidable medical appointment or observing a religious festival, so that they can fully access the curriculum and make the best possible progress. The whole school has the attendance target of 97% and above.

Parents have a legal duty to send their children to school each day that school is open, and school has a legal duty to monitor and report the attendance of all children. In accordance with Local Authority guidelines, ‘Leave of Absence in Term Time’ will NOT be granted (unless in exceptional circumstances). It is school policy that no holiday or extended holiday absence is authorised. We also follow the Local Authority guidance of allowing one day of authorised absence for Religious Observance. Any other days taken for travelling or continued celebrations will not be authorised.

We use a range of rewards and incentives which ensures that every child, every day, has an attendance reward to work towards, including the ‘Magic 20’ daily incentive, weekly individual and class prize draws in assembly, termly ‘Golden Ticket’ rewards, as well as incentives for the whole family.



Whilst parents of children in Reception classes do not have a legal duty to send their children to school until they are five years old, at Sladefield we believe that expectations of attendance and behaviour are laid down from a very early age, and will therefore monitor attendance from as soon as each child starts school.

We believe that a partnership approach to attendance is vital: Senior Management and Governors will work with parents and pupils, and support services where necessary, to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils.

Children who are late after 9.00am are registered with an ‘L’ code and parents are expected to input the reason for their absence on the school’s electronic signing in system. Children who are late after 9:30am will receive a ‘U’ mark, AN UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE, meaning they are considered absent for that session.

It is your legal responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child attends school. Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence and could result in legal action being taken, including prosecution.

Being Inclusive

At Sladefield, first and foremost, we focus on the well-being of all of our children. We seek to provide an inclusive and supportive ethos for every member of our school and we strive to make sure all pupils access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We strive to ensure that the SEND of children are appropriately identified, assessed and provided for, and that provision is monitored regularly. The school works in partnership with parents, the Local Authority and external agencies to provide the best possible provision for our SEND pupils.

In terms of SEND, we support pupils with a wide range of needs in school, including: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties, Sensory needs and Physical needs. We do this through a mix of high quality teaching within class, small group work or 1:1 specialised teaching where necessary.


“The children have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe and keep healthy. They join in the keep fit activities enthusiastically, select healthy food options at lunchtimes and play safely and sensibly.”

- Ofsted




To ensure the provision is of its highest quality, we value the importance of empowering our staff and we do this through regular professional development opportunities.

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when we work in partnership with parents. They have a vital role in supporting their child’s education and a good partnership with school is essential. Our door is always open to parents who need us.

Being Inclusive

English as an Additional Language

We are proud to be part of a diverse and vibrant community. The majority of our pupils speak more than one language. We celebrate this diversity and aim to provide our EAL pupils with a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where all pupils are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate. We understand that pupils with EAL, and especially newly arrived EAL pupils, have a range of different life experiences prior to joining our school, so we strive to work in partnership with families to embrace these as much as possible and use these to help adapt our curriculum and enhance the knowledge of other children in the school.

When a child’s use of spoken and written English is at its earliest stages, we offer small group targeting that enables the children to develop their understanding quickly so that they will soon be able to participate in whole-class learning.



Gifted & Talented

We are very pleased to be in the position to have a number of children who demonstrate that they have a gift or a talent in a specific area.

As a school, when this is identified, we ensure that the individual child is offered the opportunity to flourish, either through offering in-school provision, or by signposting the child to outside agencies that can work with the child to improve further.

Being Healthy

Healthy for Life

At Sladefield, we have taken part in a programme to improve our children’s health and well-being, and have recently been awarded the ‘Health for Life’ achievement. The programme has supported activities that engage our children, staff and families in growing food, healthy eating, cooking and physical activity.


Physical Activity

Sladefield Infant School is part of the Kingsbury Sports Partnership. We offer our children fantastic opportunities when it comes to sports and physical activity. We ensure the children in our school not only get two hours of PE each week, but have many other opportunities to participate in vigorous and exciting physical activities throughout each day. At Sladefield, we educate every child to understand the importance of being active and wanting to achieve their best. We are involved in many extra-curricular activities, clubs and competitions such as Change 4 Life, inter-school competitions, Inclusion sports events and Gifted and Talented opportunities.




Growing Food

Sladefield Infant School has been very lucky to gain funding from our catering suppliers, ‘Aspens’, to develop our Rooftop Garden. We have installed four raised beds and access to water to enable children to have the opportunity to grow edible produce.

The children have been thrilled to take part in the ongoing growing and harvesting of many different herbs, fruit and vegetables that we have produced over the year.


Being Healthy

Healthy Eating and Cooking

As part of our Health for Life Award, we have developed an area in school to involve our children and families to cook using healthy, nutritious ingredients. We run regular parent workshops using this area and children take part in after-school clubs where they engage in cooking and other food activities. Each year, we run a ‘Health for Life’ week which is embedded in our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum.

Parents and children enjoy this topic as part of our enrichment programme. We also welcome a visit each year from the Health Caravan, which focuses on ‘Being Healthy’ as one of its many topics.

Healthy Eating and the importance of eating a balanced diet is taught and reinforced regularly as part of the curriculum through topic work and cookery lessons.





“Parents are very confident they can discuss any concerns with staff because ’everyone is so approachable’.”

- Ofsted



Healthy Eating and drinking during the school day is encouraged through:

  • each child receiving a healthy fruit or vegetable snack (provided free through the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme).
  • each child having their own water cup easily accessible throughout the day.
  • provision of a school milk scheme administered by ‘Cool Milk’, which is free to any child under 5, and to all other children of parents who are in receipt of benefits.
  • Provision of tasty meals, cooked on-site, which meet the current government nutritional standards. 


Being a Community

It is the class teacher who will get to know your child best of all. Often we find that difficulties can be resolved by a quick conversation and this is why we encourage you to come into school and share any issues with us that we need to know. You will of course understand that for a longer talk with the teacher you will need to make an appointment via the school Office.

The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher are always pleased to see you and they are usually available on Bamville Road and by the back conservatory in the mornings and by appointment at other times.

At Sladefield Infant School, we would like to form a genuine partnership with our parents, to enable our children to reach their greatest potential. This partnership is underpinned by our ‘Home/ School Agreement’. We ask you to sign this document as your commitment to working with us, helping us to create a safe, happy and positive learning environment.




Parents’ Evenings are held twice a year where parents will be able to see their children’s work and discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. In the Summer Term, we hold a ‘Celebrating Successes’ event. Here, parents are invited into school with their child to share pieces of work that their child is most proud of.

Parents are also invited into school for all sorts of occasions and we do hope that you will be able to support us in as many ways as possible.

Celebration Assemblies are held weekly at the following times:

9.00am on Wednesdays for Reception children.
9.00am on Fridays for Year 1 & Year 2 children.

During these assemblies, parents would be able to celebrate if their child had been chosen as ‘Star of the Week’; if they had completed some outstanding homework; if they had been chosen to carry out a role of responsibility in the school; if they had successfully represented the school at an event; if it is their birthday that week.


Being a Community

A range of workshops for parents take place throughout the school year in order for parents to have a better understanding as to the work carried out at school, as well as how they might be able to support their child appropriately at home.

We are really pleased that our parents are very committed to attending these workshops, and we are always very pleased with the high attendance at these events.

A school newsletter is written regularly and is taken home by each child, as well as being available on the school’s website. We also send home many letters during the term, telling parents about the many activities we carry out during the year.

In order to make contact between the school and parents easier and faster, the school uses a text messaging service. This service works by sending a standard text message to the mobile phone number provided by our parents.





We believe that our parents find this service extremely useful, but it does rely on us knowing up-to-date mobile phone numbers.

Please ensure that we are given upto-date mobile numbers should your number change.

We value our parents greatly and are aware that they may have plenty to offer the school.  If parents are interested in supporting the school by volunteering to help within the school, please speak to a member of the Office staff.

We hold termly meetings with parents in order to gather their thoughts and opinions about how we can make changes to Sladefield in order to improve it.  We really welcome and value the input our parents have to the development of the school and so would welcome as many parents as possible to join us at these meetings.

As a school, we rely on raising money to provide additional opportunities for the pupils who attend the school.  If you have any creative ideas as to how the school can raise money, please let a member of our Office staff know and we will look into how feasible the idea would be.

After-School Provision



On Mondays to Thursdays, we do not offer any after-school provision, but we do run a variety of free clubs at the end of the school day. 

The clubs on offer change across the year so that the children get to experience a wide range of activities.

At the start of the school year, these clubs are for Key Stage One children only, but in the Summer Term, clubs are also made available for Reception pupils.



As school closes at 12.30pm on Fridays, we do offer a wraparound service for those children whose parents have difficulty collecting their child at the earlier time. Parents who would like to utilise this service would need to demonstrate that they were unable to collect their child at 12.30pm, and the places would only be offered once this proof was provided.

The wraparound service costs £20 per term and is led by our highly experienced Teaching Assistants who will lead a variety of creative activities for the children to experience.

Sladefield Infact School
Bamville Road
Warn End
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