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Children Moving to Thornton

Year 2 Transition

There is only a short period of time left at Sladefield for our current Year 2 pupils before they make their way to Year 3 and Thornton.  Usually, if everyone was at school, we would be soon beginning our transition activities to ensure that the children are ready to start at Thornton in September.

Unfortunately, we are unable to complete many of these tasks at the moment, but we are working closely with Thornton in order to make the transition as smooth as we possibly can.  Thornton have already created a ‘Year 2 Transition’ page on their website, which can be found on  https://www.thornton.bham.sch.uk/website/Creative_year_2_transition_/476124

It is important that you keep checking this website regularly for any updates.  We will also be posting updates on Class Dojo and also on our own website

As part of our transition, we would love to see your children before the end of the year! Please read this important message

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