Attendance & Punctuality

At Sladefield, our aim is that all children will attend school every day, unless they are ill, attending an unavoidable medical appointment or observing a religious festival, so that they can fully access the curriculum and make the best possible progress. The whole school has the attendance target of 97% and above.

Parents have a legal duty to send their children to school each day that school is open, and school has a legal duty to monitor and report the attendance of all children. In accordance with Local Authority guidelines, ‘Leave of Absence in Term Time’ will NOT be granted (unless in exceptional circumstances). It is school policy that no holiday or extended holiday absence is authorised. We also follow the Local Authority guidance of allowing one day of authorised absence for Religious Observance. Any other days taken for travelling or continued celebrations will not be authorised.

We use a range of rewards to encourage children to attend school, and parents to bring their child to school, regularly.  These include earning Dojos; earning Sladefield Coins; winning raffle prizes (for both children and parents); participating in a Cinema Experiences in school where the children get to watch a movie and enjoy refreshments; an external trip to the cinema or other experience.

Whilst parents of children in Reception classes do not have a legal duty to send their children to school until they are five years old, at Sladefield we believe that expectations of attendance and behaviour are laid down from a very early age, and will therefore monitor attendance from as soon as each child starts school.

We believe that a partnership approach to attendance is vital: Senior Management and Governors will work with parents and pupils, and support services where necessary, to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils.

Children who are late after 9.00am are registered with an ‘L’ code and parents are expected to input the reason for their absence on the school’s electronic signing in system. Children who are late after 9:30am will receive a ‘U’ mark, AN UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE, meaning they are considered absent for that session.

It is your legal responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child attends school. Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence and could result in legal action being taken, including prosecution.