Being Healthy

Physical Activity

Sladefield Infant School is part of the Kingsbury Sports Partnership and, using our Sports Premium funding, we have employed a fantastic Sports Coach who leads and supports PE sessions, enhancing the overall quality and ensuring all children are progressing.

We offer our children fantastic opportunities when it comes to sports and physical activity. We ensure the children in our school not only get two hours of PE each week, but have many other opportunities to participate in vigorous and exciting physical activities throughout each day.

As part of the Kingsbury Sports Partnership provision, we are able to provide high-quality competition opportunities for the children to participate in.  Across the year, children in Key Stage 1 may be able to take part in these extra-curricular competitions.  We also hold regular intra-school competitions where classes compete against each other. Our aims and potential benefits of regular physical activity and healthy eating have enabled us to achieve the National Healthy School Status and Kingsbury Kitesmark Award.

Healthy Eating

We are very considerate of the needs to provide a healthy, balanced diet at lunchtime, and thoroughly consider what is included on our lunchtime menu to ensure that a balanced diet is provided.  Our lunchtime provision always ensures that there is a varied selection of fruit available, and a Salad Bar offering a fresh variety of salad items, as well as fresh bread.  The menu is regularly evaluated, taking into the views of the pupils, and adapted to ensure that it meets both the Food Standards expectations as well as the needs of the pupils.

“Parents are very confident they can discuss any concerns with staff because ’everyone is so approachable.”

- Ofsted

To ensure that no child goes hungry in the morning, we provide a bagel ‘Grab-and-Go’ stop every morning as the children enter the school.  The children are free to collect a bagel as they enter the school, ensuring that they are more focused and less hungry at the start of each day.

Healthy eating and the importance of eating a balanced diet is taught and reinforced regularly as part of the curriculum through topic work and cookery lessons.

Healthy eating and drinking during the school day is encouraged through:

  • each child receiving a healthy fruit or vegetable snack (provided free through the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme).
  • each child having their own water easily accessible throughout the day
  • provision of milk for children who are entitled to Free School Meals, and also for those who pay for provision using our ‘Cool Milk’ system
  • provision of the bagel
  • provision of healthy and nutritious lunches that meet with the Food Standards Agency