Head Teacher's Welcome

On behalf of the staff and Governors of the school, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Sladefield Infant School. The school’s ‘Motto’ is ‘Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe, Always Do Your Best’, and I strongly feel that this is evident in everything that we do at Sladefield.

Our dedicated, caring staff form a Sladefield ‘family’ which welcomes all into the school community with wide arms. Everyone is treated equally and mutual respect is promoted and expected.

Our greatest drive is for every child to thoroughly enjoy their time at school, flourish in a safe environment, and to want to learn. Because our children are happy, they thrive at Sladefield, and take responsibility to reach their own level of excellence and achieve their potential.

 Our school is well-known and respected within the community and offers opportunities not just to the children that attend the school, but also to our children’s families and friends.

We aim to develop strong partnerships so that the children at Sladefield are provided with the best education possible, and that they are fully supported in their development.

I feel confident that this prospectus will show you just how brilliant Sladefield Infant School is, and I am confident that it is the best school for your child to be a part of.

  • Mr R Meadows

    Head Teacher