Poetry Slam

17th November 2021
On Friday 5th November - Bonfire Night - a number of our Year 2 children participated in an annual Poetry Slam which saw children from 5 schools perform poetry.
We were highly honoured to be joined during the Poetry Slam by 4 local poets who also performed, but also acted as judges for the poems.
Our Sladefield Superstars performed first and did an absolutely amazing job - we were so proud!
At the end of the performances, the judges votes were cast...and with an AWESOME total of 37 out of 40, Sladefield WON  the competition!
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the wonderful performers - they really did do Sladefield proud!!
Also, a massive 'Thank You!' to Mrs Drummond and Mrs Hanif who led the children to victory!
Please click on the link to watch their performance.