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Admissions Arrangements

Sladefield Infant School follows Birmingham City Council's Admissions Policy.
Starting in Reception
Details about how to apply for a place in our Reception classes can be found here
Children are admitted to Sladefield Infant School in accordance with parental preference as far as possible.  However, where there are more applications than there are places available, places at Sladefield Infant School will be offered based on the following order of priority:

Overall priority is given to children with a Statement of Special Educational Need or Disability, or an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) that names Sladefield Infant School in their statement/plan.

Followed by:
  1. Look After or previously Looked After children
  2. Siblings (brother or sister who will be in attendance in September at Sladefield Infant school or Thornton Primary School)
  3. Distance (children who live nearest to the school)

Sladefield Infant school admits 120 children into Reception every September.
Transferring to Year 3
The majority of children who leave Sladefield in Year 2 make the transition to Thornton Primary School, where they start in Year 3. 
As schools, we have a very good relationship with each other, regularly liaising with each other and ensuring that we are working together to provide both a great transition from Infant to Junior provision, but also ensuring that our community is being served effectively.
Parents/Carers of children at Sladefield in Year 2 must apply to another school for their junior education.

If there are more applications than places, the Local Authority will offer places on the following order of priority:

  1. Looked After (children in care) or previously Looked After children
  2. Children who are attending Sladefield Infant School when their parents/carers  apply, and who will still be attending at the end of Year 2
  3. Children (siblings) with an older brother or sister at the Infant/Junior school who will still be attending the school when they start
  4. Children who live nearest the school
If any parents/carers would like support in completing the application, please contact the school Office.
In-Year Admissions
If you are interested in your child joining our excellent school in the middle of the academic year, please note that we often hold a waiting list, meaning that it is less than likely that your child will be able to start at Sladefield with immediacy.
If you have decided to request a space at Sladefield Infant School, you will need to fill in an Application for a Change of School In-Year form and hand it in to the school Office.