Be happy, be healthy, be safe, always do your best!  

Pastoral & Safeguarding Team

Mrs L Donohue

Inclusion Manager

Lead DSL
Likes: Sunshine and being outside in the fresh air, playing board games with my family, CHOCOLATE!
Dislikes: People who are unkind, wasps.
Claim to fame: No claim to fame yet but hopefully one day I will win Strictly Come Dancing!

Mr R Meadows

Head Teacher

Likes: Cycling successfully on my bike; spending time with my friends; going to the cinema
Dislikes: Falling off my bike(!); being cold
Claim to Fame: I was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for tap-dancing (but don't ask me to show you my dancing now!!)

Mrs N Connolly

Deputy Head Teacher

Likes: Spending time with my family and friends, travelling and eating good food.
Dislikes: Sand on my feet, spiders and horror films!
Claim to Fame: I was in the film Clockwise with John Cleese.

Miss S Spears

Learning Mentor

Deputy DSL
Likes Spending quality time with my family and friends.
Dislikes Sprouts and Cabbage on my cooked dinner.
Fame I used to dance with Toyah Willcox in Newtown Community Centre in Aston

Mrs Y Ali

Family Support worker

Deputy DSL
Likes: traveling and discovering new places.
Dislikes: avocados because I'm allergic to them.
Claim to fame: I jumped out of a plane for charity work.