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DLP Project

Developing Provision Locally Project
The Developing Local Provision project is being led by the Eastwards Consortium that is a consortium of 26 schools.  The projects involves the Early Language Development Team visiting the schools to deliver training and support for a speech and language toolkit.  The main speech and language toolkit is Wellcomm, however, other toolkits such as Talk Boost and NELI will be used as well.  The aim of the DLP project is to ensure equality for all children and to raise standards in children's communication and language skills.
Mr H Ur-Rehman

Project Leader

Likes: Reading books and watching superhero films
Dislikes: Hayfever
Claim To Fame: Being a Dad!

Mrs S Humpage

Project Facilitator

My likes are: Spending time with my friends and family, listening to music, going to concerts/ festivals and camping.

My dislikes are: being cold and coffee!

My claim to fame is: I performed in a dance show at Bedworth Civic Hall.