Be happy, be healthy, be safe, always do your best!  


At Sladefield, we believe that all individuals within our school should feel valued and able to contribute towards the well-being of the school. We want our children to know how to behave well towards each other, their teachers, their parents and other adults and have respect for other people's property.

Sladefield Infant School believes that children’s behaviour and success with their learning are intrinsically linked. Our school focuses on improving attitudes and behaviours that lead to a positive climate for learning which is underpinned by high quality teaching, a stimulating learning environment and a culture of praise, recognition and self-discipline.  At Sladefield Infant School, we aim to provide a working environment where all members of the school community feel safe and secure. The policy aims to ensure this is achieved and aims to maintain the high quality of pupil behaviour in our setting.

We ask all adults and children to:

  •   respect yourself
  •   respect others
  •   respect our school

We believe that positive behaviour is an essential condition for effective teaching and learning, and that this should be carried out in an environment which is safe, friendly and fair. Our school has defined a very clear set of high standards of personal behaviour, which are based on respect for each individual in our community and their individual needs.  We believe pupils learn best when they feel safe and happy in school.

The best results in terms of promoting positive behaviour arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement. We also know it is important to strike a balance between recognising positive behaviour and having appropriate consequences which are seen by all to be fair and just and applied consistently when standards are not maintained. Through positive role-modelling, by adults who care for them in school and through well -developed planned and stimulating learning opportunities, we believe that children can accept learning challenges and develop self-discipline.

The school uses Class Dojo (for information regarding how Class Dojo stores your child's data, click here) as a way of recording and monitoring positive behaviours, as well as when consequences have been given to a child.  If necessary, consequences for poor behaviour are given, which may lead to more formal recording of behaviour on a Behaviour Plan.  This strategy is used only very occasionally, and is a supportive tool to aid the child in question to really focus on specific targets towards improving their behaviour.  Usually, a child would only stay on a Behaviour Plan for a couple of weeks, during which time improvements would have been seen.


If it is evident that the child's behaviour has not improved, and it has been decided to operate a Mid or High Level Behaviour Plan.  We would always involve parents at this stage and could also get support from outside agencies if necessary.  

Please see below for the Appendices to the Behaviour Policy: