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SEND Information Report

Please find below the updated SEND Information report outlining important information about our SEND provision which reflects current practice at Sladefield. 
The SEND Information report includes information about: 
  • The different kinds of SEND provision made at Sladefield using the Graduated Approach (Code of Practice, 2014)
  • How we identify and assess SEND. 
  • How we ensure 'reasonable adjustments' are made for pupils with SEND to access the curriculum and physical learning environment. 
  • The opportunities available for SEND to engage in extra-curricular activities. 
  • How we support the emotional, social, and mental development of SEND pupils. 
  • Information about staff training on a universal and specialist level. 
  • Our beliefs and practices for working in partnership with parents/carers. 
  • Information about the Local Offer, SENCo contact details and links to health and social services. 
  • Information about how we support pupils with SEND with transferring between phases of education and preparation for moving to Thornton Primary School at the end of Year 2.