EYFS Staff

  • Mrs L Banks

    EYFS Lead/English Lead/Class 12 Teacher

    Class 12 Teacher
    Likes: I enjoy having fun including visiting the cinema, eating out, visiting the seaside and I totally adore my new kitten Minnie.
    Dislikes: Wasps spoiling my picnics in the summer.
    My claim to fame: I am the longest serving teacher at Sladefield. I started 23 years ago as a Year 1 class teacher.

  • Mrs L Bourne

    Deputy EYFS Lead/Class 11 Teacher

    Class 11 Teacher
    Likes: - Spending time with friends, sparkly things
    Dislikes: Cold and dark mornings
    Claim to fame: I was once on match of the day

  • Miss O Robinson

    Class 10 Teacher

    Class 10 Teacher Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

  • Mrs D Drummond

    Class 10 Teacher

    Creative Arts Lead/Class 10 teacher Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

  • Mrs S Valenti

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Class 12
    My likes are walking in the park and countryside with my family
    My dislikes are seeing litter and rubbish dropped in our environment
    My claim to fame is growing beautiful flowers, shrubs and fruit trees in my garden

  • Miss N Akhtar

    Class 9 Teacher

    Class 9 Teacher
    Likes: I love spending time with family and friends and I also love chocolate!
    Dislikes: I hate long queues, being late and spiders!
    Claim to fame: coming soon...

  • Mrs K Ali

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Class 12
    Likes: Relaxing my seaside, travelling around the world...creative Art, good meals with family and friends and just being a general shopaholic!!
    Dislikes: Uncleanliness, disorganisation, any fast rides …(help!) and horror movies!
    Claim to fame: Don't have one yet...but would love to win strictly come dancing one day!

  • Mrs D Paintain

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 11

  • Miss L Kemp

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 10
    Likes traveling and I especially love the beach.
    Dislikes: sprouts.
    Claim to fame: Seeing the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

  • Mrs L Clare

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 9
    Likes: Cats ( I am the crazy cat lady) and taking photos.
    Dislikes: Wasps
    Claim to Fame: I shook Prince Charles' hand when he visited my home town Twickenham.

  • Miss M Khan

    Healthcare Assistant

    Works across the whole school.

  • Mrs A Khan

    SEND Support Assistant

    SEND Support Assistant