EYFS Staff

  • Miss C Davis

    Class 10 Teacher

    EYFS Lead
    Likes: Baking, travelling to far away countries and visiting the hairdressers.
    Dislikes: Cutlery made from wood.
    Claim To Fame: I am a distant relative to Dick Turpin the Highway man, who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

  • Miss L Shale

    Class 9 Teacher

    Deputy Maths Lead
    Likes: - Spending time with friends, sparkly things
    Dislikes: Cold and dark mornings
    Claim to fame: I was once on match of the day

  • Mrs H Hanif

    Class 11 Teacher

    Computing Lead

  • Mrs L Banks

    Class 12 Teacher

    Deputy English Lead
    Likes: I enjoy having fun including visiting the cinema, eating out, visiting the seaside and I totally adore my new kitten Minnie.
    Dislikes: Wasps spoiling my picnics in the summer.
    My claim to fame: I am the longest serving teacher at Sladefield. I started 23 years ago as a Year 1 class teacher.

  • Mrs L Clare

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 10
    Likes: Cats ( I am the crazy cat lady) and taking photos.
    Dislikes: Wasps
    Claim to Fame: I shook Prince Charles' hand when he visited my home town Twickenham.

  • Mrs D Paintain

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 9

  • Miss L Kemp

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 11

  • Mrs K Ali

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 12