Year 1 Staff

  • Mrs R Allen

    Holistic Group / RRSA Ambassador

    Class 5 Teacher

  • Mrs M Varley

    Year Group Leader

    Year Group Leader /Maths Lead/ Class 6 Teacher
    Likes: Baking, singing, dancing and visiting the seaside.
    Dislikes: Mushrooms and shellfish.
    Claim to fame: I have climbed Mount Tryfan, one of the most dangerous mountains in Wales!

  • Miss S Saleem

    PE Lead

    Class 7 Teacher

  • Mrs H Hanif

    Well-being Lead

    Class 8 Teacher

  • Mrs C Layton

    Inclusion Intervention Facilitator

    Eal & SEND Intervention Facilitator.
    Likes: Reading, cooking and walking.
    Dislikes: Avocado, Okra and being late.
    Claim to Fame: None yet, but there's still time!

  • Mrs I Akhtar

    Instructor : Covid Catch Up Support

    Likes: movie time with my family in our PJs.
    Dislikes: Cold weather.
    Claim to Fame: Sat on a ride with David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider) at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi UAE AE.

  • Mrs S Anjum

    Teaching Assistant

    Year 1

  • Mrs C McDonnell

    Teaching Assitant

    Year 1

  • Ms A Ali

    Teaching Assistant

    Year 1 - 3 days (Mon-Wed)

  • Miss S Hussain

    Academic Mentor Year 1

    Year 1