Year 1 Staff

  • Mr H Ur-Rehman

    Class 7 Teacher

    Year 1 and English lead.
    Likes: Reading books and watching superhero films
    Dislikes: Hayfever
    Claim To Fame: Being a Dad!

  • Mrs R Allen

    Class 5 Teacher

    PHSE Lead

  • Miss M Hewings

    Class 6 Teacher

    Maths Lead

  • Miss O Robinson

    Class Teacher (3.5 days)

    Class 8

  • Mrs D Drummond

    Class 8 Teacher (1 day)

    Creative Arts Lead

  • Mrs S Valenti


    My likes are walking in the park and countryside with my family
    My dislikes are seeing litter and rubbish dropped in our environment
    My claim to fame is growing beautiful flowers, shrubs and fruit trees in my garden

  • Miss G Riaz

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 5

  • Mrs S Anjum

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 6

  • Mrs C McDonnell

    Teaching Assitant

    Class 8