Year 2 Staff

  • Mrs H Hanif

    EYFS Lead /Class 2 Teacher

    EYFS Lead /English Lead

  • Miss S Saleem

    Class 1 Teacher

    RE Lead

  • Miss T Deol

    Class 3 Teacher

    Science Lead

  • Mrs L Lucas

    Class 4 Teacher

    Humanities Lead / ECT Tutor ? Holistic Group
    Likes: Spending time with my family, Reading, Harry Potter and all types of chocolate.
    Dislikes: Balloons!!!
    Claim to fame: I don’t have one yet, something to work on!

  • Mrs J Choudhury

    Maternity Leave

    Likes: Love coastal and country walks as well as travelling abroad.
    Dislikes: Uncleaniness and disorganisation
    Claim to fame: I appeared in Coronation Street in 2000. Manchester Evening News in 2013 (for celebratory reasons)

  • Mrs M Akhtar

    Instructor: Covid Catch Up Support

  • Mrs F Ehtesham

    Teaching Assistant

    Class 2
    Likes: Spending time with family and friends. I love dancing but my knees tell another story.
    Dislikes: Cold weather. Bring me sunshine!
    Claim to fame: You can find me on YouTube sharing my story about my son's heart condition.

  • Mrs A Khan

    SEND Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs I Beg

    Class 4 Teaching assistant for 4 days

  • Mrs L Kemp

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs G Riaz

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs G Woodcock

    Academic Mentor